Is Dragon Quest of the Stars Worth The Download?


Square Enix recently dropped Dragon Quest of the Stars on mobile. I’m a big Dragon Quest fan. It’s my favorite series from the company. When I saw there was a mobile game available I figured “This should fun!” After all, the company did develop a few mobile titles in the Final Fantasy franchise. They weren’t great but they were pretty good. Not too involved, not overly complex, but grindy in the negative sense. 

So, is Dragon Quest of the Stars a good addition to Square Enix’s mobile library? 

Dragon Quest of the Stars 

As far as the game’s look goes, this is definitely a Dragon Quest game. It has Akira Toriyama’s art style, the fantasy setting, and a combat system that is laid out like the classics in the franchise. It also has all the beloved monsters from the franchise’s three-decade-long history. In a nutshell, this looks like DQ and better yet, it looks like how DQ should be on mobile. 

Vibe-wise, this is far from a Dragon Quest game. Instead, you’re looking at one of those RPGs where you travel hub to hub. Also, activity is limited by an energy bar which increases as your level goes up. Combat is also different but it’s fine for this kind of game. It’s just not fine for a DQ game. Combat-wise, Dragon Quest has always been the most straight-forward of Japanese RPGs. This franchise and Ultima basically established the turn-based approach. 

In Dragon Quest of the Stars, it’s turn-based but attacks are automatic. Your main job in battle is to tap your special moves when they fully charge. Since it’s a mobile game, it gives you the option to skip battles. That’s a bonus since the battles aren’t that involved. You could honestly put the game down until the battle is done. 

Finally, this game has a prominent gacha element. You’re hit with pop-ups trying to get you to make in-game purchases and you’re allowed to draw from chests daily. The challenge of Dragon Quest of the Stars takes a big hit early on because you’re given enough tickets or whatever to draw from a chest multiple times. 

On my first draw, I got several pieces of giga rare” gear. Since the gear isn’t level-locked, you could equip it readily. From there, you’re clapping slimes and drackies without breaking a sweat. Nothing’s making you equip the gear but you have it so you might as well. 

Mobile Gaming Review Verdict: 6/10 (Decent) 

The graphics, story, and artwork of Dragon Quest of the Stars were all true to the franchise. I love this part of the game. Where it slips up is all on the combat system, UI, and gacha approach. It’s far from a bad game and short of a good game. It’s solid on its own and you might invest time in it if you don’t have a lot of mobile games you play regularly.