Facebook Gaming Gets Rowdy With Ronda Rousey 


Facebook has been pulling a number of big names to its Facebook Gaming platform. Last month, research showed that the platform was growing rapidly while Twitch was taking a few bumps. Oh yeah, YouTube Gaming grew a bit as well. The latest big name to hit Facebook Gaming is UFC Hall of Famer, Women’s Bantamweight champion, Olympic medalist, and WWE Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. 

Another Big Name For Facebook Gaming 

The former champion took time off from WWE to focus on starting a family and has been rumored to return to the ring for a while now. While there hasn’t been anything concrete, she has managed to stay busy. She’s had a lot of hats and achievements so far and now she’s adding live streamer to the list as she signed on with Facebook to showcase her gameplay. 

Rousey joins a number of celebrities and personalities who have recently joined the platform. It’s wild but not surprising how fast the social network has managed to bolster its roster of heavy hitters. Ronda Rousey happens to be one of the heaviest with over 11 million fans on Facebook. It’s safe to say that she’s coming it hot for her stream which starts next week. 

Check Out The Video For The Baddest Stream on the Planet with Ronda Rousey

Even if there are fans who aren’t into gaming, that’s a massive fanbase that could turn into a sizable viewer baseRonda Rousey will be donating what she makes from her debut stream to Australian bushfires recovery. If you plan on checking out her stream, she debuts February 18th, 3 PM Pacific/6 PM Eastern. She plays a lot of stuff but is currently enjoying Pokemon Sword and Shield which will be streamed. 

Who knows, she do some live watch parties of anime on the stream. She’s a big Dragon Ball Z fan (awesome) and that can certainly draw viewers. Honestly, it’s something I don’t think she has to worry about with those numbers and being so recognizable. It’s something she’ll have to juggle once she returns to the ring or when new projects come up but other celebrities manage it.  

Hell, Xavier Woods and the New Day did it all the time. Things will become dicey if Rousey has to handle the production side of things herself or chatroom moderation herself. I can just see the chatroom being a mess.  

The former WWE Raw Women’s Champion will debut February 18th 3/6 PM Eastern. You can check out her video below!