Geoff Keighley Skips On E3 Participation After 25 Years


The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 grew rapidly as the place where the biggest reveals and updates in gaming occurred. In recent years, it’s gone through growing pains as a few marquee companies bowed out and longer development times meant that the abundance of wow-worthy announcements went down. Now, there is another hit to E3 2020. Longtime host and Game Awards founder Geoff Keighley will pass up the expo.

A Leaked Participant List 

I can’t exactly gauge the size of this one. If there’s a list of participants to anything post-2005 it’s likely getting leaked. Everything else surrounding electronics get leaked anyway. Console specs, game details, mobile phone specs, film details.  

E3 2020 is really no different but the concern is understandable. At the business end, it’s definitely an issue. It doesn’t hurt intent to attend much. However, at this point, we have to expect that this is likely to happen.

Geoff Keighley On Not Attending E3 2020 

On a heavier note, industry veteran and longtime E3 host, Geoff Keighley has said that he will be bowing out of E3 this year. Keighley has been an event producer and the host of E3 Coliseum since 2017. Beyond E3, he also founded the Game Awards. When the list of participants leaked, he decided he wouldn’t be attending and felt that letting attendees know was proper. 

Geoff Keighley didn’t say that the leaks and the E3’s direction is the death knell for the expo. He believes the expo has a future that involves its expansion. Going the digital route or implementing it more is one of the big takeaways from Keighley’s statement. However, it looks as though the ESA is embracing that for E3.

When Nintendo decided to bow out of stage shows at E3, Nintendo Direct did wonders for the company. Actually, it turned out some of the best presentation of E3 the first year Nintendo declined to go. I wouldn’t be surprised if other companies have been eyeing the Nintendo Direct approach or other events for some time now.

Keighley said that he will continue to support the industry at other events. Speaking of not attending, Sony’s going an alternate route from E3 as well. You never want to see a main eventer go free agent, folks. Well, sometimes you do. 

So, What Companies Will Attend E3? 

Phil Spencer will be there that but that’s like a pizza place saying “Yes, we have pepperoni for your pizza.” If there is an opportunity to promote Xbox and showcase what will be on it whether there’s an abundance of titles or not, Xbox will be there. As far as companies, Xbox, Take-Two, Nintendo, Sega, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Capcom, Namco Bandai, Warner Bros., and Bethesda. 

The last company on the list is usually the main reason I tune in along with Nintendo and Sony but I’m legit curious as to what homework Bethesda has to show. Aware of the security concerns, the Electronic Software Association said that it will bolster its security in regards to E3 2020—which is what you have to say when these things happen. 

We’ll see how everything develops between now and June 9. Registration to attend begins tomorrow.