Sony Needs To Bring ‘EverQuest’ Back to PlayStation


Yeah, it’s about that time. EverQuest Online Adventures dropped on the PlayStation 2 back in early 2003. It was one of the main games that required online and wasn’t a sports title. I can’t count how many hours were spent playing this game trying to run from Queynos to High Pass with a low-level shaman. Then doing it all over again with a monk. 

Sony closed the servers for the game in early 2012. A shame since the game still had a dedicated community. Was it a large one after nine years? Not really. Most players had either quit or moved on to PlayStation 3. One glaring problem with this was that Sony never dropped another EverQuest Online Adventures. 

Seriously, ‘EverQuest Online Adventures’ Was A THING 

When the game launched there were a ton of people in the few servers available. Eventually, Sony added more and regularly worked on EQOA. It wasn’t unusual to log on and see that there was server maintenance or some other announcement about how the game was being worked on or what was coming soon. 

The company made cash from putting an MMORPG on a console. Especially at this time when there was weren’t many online games to play on the PlayStation 2. Final Fantasy XI wouldn’t hit the U.S. until 2004 and made Square Enix ridiculous cash. The same could be said about EverQuest Online Adventures for Sony. Being a console adaptation of the popular PC games, the series did well for the company. 

It did well enough that it warranted an expansion. Since console gamers were introduced to the world of Norrath via EQOA, the game got two good spinoffs in Champions of Norrath. Which, I must add, also didn’t reach PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4. I mean, if you’re not going to give players a new EQOA, then Champions of Norrath is suitable. 

Revival Projects and The Axed Sequel 

After the servers went down in 2012, there was a fan movement to bring it back via private servers and emulation. It was definitely possible. The same was done for the EverQuest PC games before Sony just decided to continue supporting both. Sony even continued releasing new content and made the entry to playing free—and still managed to make cash from it. Imagine that! 

That isn’t to say Sony didn’t attempt to bring EverQuest to console in newer consoles. EverQuest Next was a project in development starting in 2012. It was meant to be the newest in the franchise for PC and PlayStation 4. You can’t imagine how excited I was to hear about it. 

Then Sony canceled it in 2016. Apparently, things weren’t coming together and the gameplay didn’t meet expectations. By this time MMORPGs had changed and gameplay was focused more towards action. Maybe EQ Next seemed dated by comparison. 

Now, there are several MMORPGs on PlayStation 4 and some are free-to-play with transactions, a model Sony would likely have to adapt. That is unless they were to develop a Final Fantasy XIV killer. Here’s hoping we get a successor to EverQuest Online Adventures for PlayStation 5.

At least EverQuest is still kicking on PC.