New ‘Samurai Jack’ Game Coming To PC, Switch, PS4 And Xbox!


Japanse developer Soleil Games have partnered with Adult Swim Games to announce a new game based on the hit series, ‘Samurai Jack’. The title is called ‘Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time’ and is coming to PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC this summer!

The game is set before Jack’s climactic final battle with the evil entity Aku, who trapped Jack in alternate timelines throughout history. We’ll have to fight through several timelines to get back to Aku and fight him. The script for the game was written by the series writer, Darrick Bachman. So it’s safe to say the story is in good hands with someone who worked with the material before!

The gameplay will feature hack-and-slash mechanics and allow players to wield several different ranged and melee weapons! Just like Jack! The 3D art still resembles the artistic style of the Emmy-award winning show.

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New Samurai Jack Game Coming To PC, Switch, PS4, And Xbox!

Though there’s no release date, other than Summer 2020, we can expect a great game! It is garunteed to have a great story, fluid mechanics and an amazing art direction. For years, fans of the show have been wanting a ‘Samurai Jack’ game for current consoles and we’re finally getting one. It’s too bad it’s so close to the release of the next-gen consoles this holiday season. Will that have an effect on sales?

Originally airing in 2001, ‘Samurai Jack’ aired until 2004. It wasn’t until 2017, where it was brought back by Adult Swim, that it received a final season. Are you a fan of the show and are you excited about the new game?

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