Fan Film ‘Payne & Redemption’ A Decade Long Project – They Understand Max Payne Though


‘Max Payne’ is not just one of the greatest PS2, Xbox and PC titles, but one of the best games ever. Of course, this is just my opinion. I played the ‘Max Payne’ series through multiple times. Every time I play the original I get an amazing feeling. Everything from the story, the comic style storyboards and the incredible voice acting talent of James McCaffrey make it truly special. That’s not including the actual gameplay and who could forget bullet time!

in 2008, they tried making a ‘Max Payne’ film with Mark Wahlberg as Max himself. They included some characters from the game, like Lupito and Mona Sax but it simply fell short. Wahlberg didn’t live up to the character and bullet time was only used a handful of times. Of course, the idea is that video game films just can’t be done well. Well, I don’t believe that. ‘Max Payne’ has a powerful enough story, with the right actors and direction. Along with an understanding of the source could be something special.

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Fan Film ‘Payne & Redemption’ A Decade Long Project – They Understand Max Payne Though

Many fans of the game have created their own short films and fan shorts of the popular character. However, Fergle Gibson has stood above the rest to me. Not only has he wanted to create his own full-length ‘Max Payne’ film, but he has fought for over a decade to make it happen! On their new webpage, you can find a short description of the film and even original ‘Max Payne’ & ‘Max Payne 2’ co-writers endorsement!

“After avenging the murder of his wife and daughter, former New York Detective, Ray Candella, begrudgingly seeks counsel from a curious psychiatrist, Dr. Clarence Volpe, whose private practices may pose a serious conflict of interest.” Its story is inspired by the works of Finnish writer, Sam Lake, who co-wrote the script for the critically acclaimed Max Payne and Max Payne 2 video-games for Remedy Entertainment, and later expressed his support for Payne & Redemption, saying:

“Payne & Redemption seems very ambitious and impressive. Good luck with your project! Looking forward to seeing it.” – Sam Lake

If you haven’t heard of or been following this project, I highly suggest you do. Not only does it look like they are paying tribute to the character correctly. The co-writer himself has said it’s impressive. Over the years Gibson has struggled with funding his project. As well as fighting legal battles with 20th Century Fox. However, it seems he’s finally worked out a way for him to finish his passion project!

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