Was The Technomancer Worth Playing?


Every generation, there are games that are released and you never end up playing them. These games will just sit on shelves or platform stores and you’ll just pass them up. Yes, you. Either you’re indifferent towards the game’s existence, it didn’t have enough hype behind it to warrant you investigating, or the reviews weren’t favorable or ”Alright” at best. I’m guilty of this because The Technomancer received no love for the longest. 

The Technomancer Held Down The Deep Discount Tier 

Developed by Spiders and released by Focus Home Interactive in 2016, The Technomancer was an action RPG with a really cool setting. The Technomancer had this really rich skill tree I just loved. Skill trees in a game are like bait to me. As expected of a skill tree you unlock enhanced abilities, new attacks or spells, or some perks. 

So, not only is there a skill tree but you can actually see the effects. This isn’t I have the perk but I’m not seeing improvement. Is it active? Oh, I have to use the same points to level this up. Huh.” There’s no doubt. In some ways, it’s very basic. While basic isn’t as flashy as innovative, it’s been proven to work with little risk. 

The story was forgettable. Once I got into shopping for gear, improving stats, and side missions, I didn’t care. The Technomancer gives you so much to do and manage early on that the story gets lost in the sauce. It’s similar to the main story in Skyrim only with less to do or going on. 

Combat is the main flaw in the game. I said that basic was fine and worked most of the time. In terms of combat, it works a little more than half the time. Sometimes the battles become a little involved. A lot of the time it seems like physical combat with be more effective than making use of abilities because the heat gets kicked up. 

Would Another Entry Work? 

I ask two big questions when going into older games. Obviously there’s “How much did I enjoy this game overall?” That leaves it broad, there’s a scale since a game with flaws can be enjoyed. The other question is whether this game deserves/deserved a sequel. Could this game had gone from a title to a series to franchise? 

The Technomancer laid down enough groundwork to build on in future games. Yes, it has some flaws that can throw off the flow you establish. The story isn’t involved enough for you to care. If you progress in the story it’s likely because you’ve run out of side missions in the area.   

If the game was polished more it would’ve been good. It’s definitely enjoyable and will have you involved in the game world. Uncovering lore is actually fun. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make the story something you wouldn’t forget.