Hear The Full Story Of The Doom Slayer | Doom Eternal


YouTube channel GamingBolt has broken down the entire history of the Doomguy, Doom Marine or Doomslayer, however, you choose to address him. For new players to ‘Doom Eternal’ or seasoned veterans, the video offers a quick glance at his storyline and how it’s been affected through the years.

According to the video’s summary, “Doom Marine, Doomguy, Doom Slayer- he’s gone by many names over the years and had many incarnations, but he has been the one constant in the DOOM series, even as it has changed and changed back throughout its history- the face of the series (ironically enough, given that we don’t really see his face all that much), from the silent and unmovable Doomguy in the classic DOOM games to the not-so-faceless Doom Marine of DOOM 3.”

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Hear The Full Story Of The Doom Slayer | Doom Eternal

The eight and a half minute video goes through the character’s history in the ‘Doom’ series and explains why he’s fighting demons from hell, where he gets his strength and more. Much to many surprises, it’s not just all guts, glory and demon killing! There’s actually a storyline that the ‘Doom’ series follows and it’s quite interesting. Yes, Doomguy is just a man who is too mad to die, but how and why the demons appeared on Mars is another story itself, or the fact the demons tricked Doomguy into a trapped that locked him in a sarcophagus for years.

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