‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ | Are They Giving Away Too Much In The First Episode?


The release of the long-awaited ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ is right around the corner! We’ve been waiting for years to finally get our hands on this game. However, fans of the original classic have noticed a few things about some of the trailers released in Japan. For instance, way too much Sephiroth and Meteor. Why is this a big deal? Well, it’s been announced that what we’re getting is just the first part of a series of episodes. The first episode will focus just on the first part of our team in Midgar, way too soon for all this Sephiroth and Meteor action.

This can probably be explained by Sephiroth putting these images into Cloud’s head. One YouTube channel has gone through the facts and tries to explain it themselves. The Night Sky Prince posted a video trying to explain this odd thing that we saw.

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‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ | Are They Giving Away Too Much In The First Episode?

Gamers are staying optimistic about the news, however. In the comments, people have expressed how they’ll wait to see how they handle these subjects. One commenter explained, “My guess is… that scene with Sephiroth/Meteor in the commercial is going to come at the tail end of this first game, close to when the characters leave Midgar. This isn’t actually meteor coming down yet. Rather it’s a vision of the future that Sephiroth is showing Cloud in order to taunt him and Avalanche. To manipulate them into pursuing him.”

Another explained they’ll remain optimistic. “I’m trying to remain optimistic and open-minded, but that honestly raises massive concerns with me. There’s a delicate dance between Seph and Cloud in 7. The majority of works out there that follow the traditional hero’s arch have a very polarized and developed evil to overcome at the start of the protagonist’s quest. FF7 is a little unique in that Seph is only mildly evil at the outset of the story, and he becomes more so as it progresses. Both characters develop in opposite directions in a very balanced fashion. If you pull out all the stops and make Seph the devil in scene 1, it’s going to seriously detract from the weight of his character in the long run.”

What do you think? Are they just foreshadowing to get us to buy the next episodes? Not like what we won’t. Or is it just for newcomers? Stay up to date with gaming news and updates at Gamestingr and be sure to follow us on Facebook and YouTube for great videos, news, and gameplay!