‘Doom Eternal’ Secret Ending! | Funny Post Credits Scene


AFGuidesHD YouTube Channel has posted an awesome video to make your week better! The secret ending is sure to bring a smile to your face. In the secret ending, we see a demon playing with action figures. One is a demon and the other is Doomguy. He smashes them back and forth at a table with the ‘Doom OST’ sitting on it. As he crashes back and forth slowly, the camera pans up and it’s the real Doomguy! He cocks his gun, and the sound sends an uncomfortable feeling up the spine of the demon. The demon’s head jerks up and it cuts off.

*Video not loading? Use this link to watch the secret ending.

‘Doom Eternal’ Secret Ending! | Funny Post Credits Scene

It’s a funny little scene that the developers put in there. The YouTube comments are about as great as the video itself.

“You took them out of the box?! THOSE WERE COLLECTIBLES!”


“That moment when your big brother catches you playing with his toys without his permission.”

Hears him to his right Looked to his left That demon was literally scared senseless”

“i love how out of all the demons that escaped his prison, the zombie chose to go to doom guy’s room and mess around with his toys while he was gone fighting the icon of sin.”

Have you played ‘Doom Eternal’ yet? What were your impressions? The buzz around this title has been huge, and with everyone taking safety precautions by staying inside, we’ve had nothing but time! This clip just shows the amount of fun the developers had and the secrets they put in there for us. If you haven’t played ‘Doom Eternal’ yet, I would definitely recommend it. It draws inspiration from the classic and gives us the amazing graphics of today. Stay up to date with gaming news and updates at Gamestingr and be sure to follow us on Facebook and YouTube for great videos, news, and gameplay!