Microsoft Has Acquired Nintendo.





After Nintendo laughed at Microsoft approaching them many years ago to acquire the company. It turns out we have officially revealed that Microsoft has confirmed that they have officially acquired Nintendo.

This includes all Nintendo IPs, including Mario and Zelda. It has also been revealed that Mario and Luigi will change their costume so the main character can where green and the second can where red.

The new Nintendo brand will change from Nintendo to the Original X. With the lite name, X Nini. In the next coming month, we will get a lot more information on this new purchase. What does this mean for the future of both Nintendo and Xbox?

What does this mean for Nintendo?

This does mean that Xbox now owns all studios and IPs. This means that Xbox will rebrand the Nintendo Switch into a mostly handheld console.

Creating an adapter for the now XNini for the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series will be discontinued and replaced with the X Nini in the future.

These changes will come into effect in September. The Nintendo Direct will be branding Xtwitching and will be hosted by popular Twitch streamers

. Where we will only see cinematic trailer and games in development hell, we will most likely never see.

What does this mean for the original IPs?

They will use the IPs how they used the very popular rare games, including Conker and Banjo-Kazooie. It looks like Xbox will quickly bury all original IPs.

Mario will turn into a horror game. Zelda will turn into an FPS, and Kirby will get a remake without all of his popular moves. Smash Bros will continue for the next two years.

The rumoured sequel will be called XXX Bros. Lastly, Fire Emblem and Metroid will not continue. Nintendo now will work solely on an upcoming Viking game called mountains of Valhalla.
April Fools

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