Apex Legends New Trailer Show Off A Lot For Season 9





Apex Legends Season 9, named Legacy’s is approaching quickly, releasing on May 4. Today, we got a new trailer showing off a lot of new elements and some big changes coming to Apex Legends.

Valkyrie’s Abilities 

It was confirmed through a different trailer that Valkyrie, daughter of Viper, will be the next Legend. In the new trailer, it showed off some gameplay of Valkyrie. This confirms her move set. These are: 

Passive: The passive makes it possible to use a jetpack after jumping. 

Tactical: The technique lets you fire missile marriage that seems like it could be overpowered. 

Ultimate: Lately, we have the Ultimate that will be possible launch up into the air with team maps. It simulated how you land on the map and also when you use a zipline.

Arena maps 

Through the trailer, we got a look at the new maps. The maps are locations we already know from the other Apex maps but have been modified for a more deathmatch kind of style. It also includes original custom maps for the mode.

The custom maps are called: Party Crasher & Phaserunner, and the adapted ones are: Artillery, Golden Gardens, Harvester

New Bow Weapon and Ammo Type 

Then we have the new weapon that is a bow that looks to have two types of ways of using it. One of them being a quick shooting bow, and the other acts like a shotgun. The surprise here is the new ammo type of arrow that will be used for this gun. 

Olympus changes 

Lastly, we have the rumour changes to Olympus have been confirmed. Massive jungle vines have taken over the map. We have no information of who has done this to Olympus, but hopefully, it will be explained through season 9 in a mid-season event. 

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