Apex Legends Has Revealed The Next Legend And How She’s Connected To The Titanfall Series.





It’s time to update yourself on the TitanFall lore as it looks like Apex Legends will be diving into it headfirst. Apex Legends have pulled the trigger with the content between both Apex Legends and TitanFall.

In a cinematic trailer, it showed the new Legend Valkyrie. The daughter of one of the antagonists from TitanFall 2 Viper.

This currently is the biggest confirmation of a big crossover between both games. We have always had mention of them being in the same world by developers, but this is the biggest.

However, if you haven’t played TitanFall 2 and are a big fan of Apex Legends, play it now, but if you want a quick recap, we’re here to help.

The history is here

In the short cinematic, we saw a young Valkyrie who wanted to become a pilot like her dad. This leads to her stealing and flying it herself. It all goes wrong where she ends up falling from the sky.

Then Viper saves his daughter, but it seems like he gets blamed for this due to it being his Titan. There are some spoilers here, but we know in TitanFall 2, Viper gets killed. Later in the cinematic, Viper is dead.

We also get a look at Blisk, another character from TitanFall 2. He is older but has a long conversation with Valkyrie.

Talking about the TitanFall era and is a massive calling card to TitanFall 2. I’ve played TitanFall 2, but I’m definitely going back to it before this season starts.

Is this the end of the seasons for Apex Legends?

It was confirmed that we are getting this new season on 4th May. However, it didn’t have the usual season number in the title. Speculation that this might be the end of the seasons for Apex Legend.

The season is very quickly getting to Season 10, and with most Battle Royale, significant changes come when they hit the big 10.

It looks like Apex Legends’ significant change is the full-blown crossover with TitanFall and the lack of seasons. The new era of Apex Legends is called Stories from the Outland and is coming to us on 4th May.

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