We’re Getting A Caustic Themed Event In Apex Legends.





On 9 March, we are getting an event that focuses on the toxic Caustic. This is the same day that the Switch version of the game releases. Making it a great time to start a new event for one of the best Legends.

The event will last for a couple of weeks ending on the 23 March. Many new changes are coming in this event, so let’s look at what is coming in the new event.

Caustic Area takeover

After Pathfinder takeover with a boxing ring of all things, the new Caustic takeover is very different. With him taking over the water simply and having a lot of toxic gas in there.

What looks to be a very toxic area. It does look to be a great-looking area that shows off who Caustic is. We will get to see more of this area soon.

Ring Fury Takeover

There will be more than one ring in the map in the new mode, but the other within the map will be expanding rather than closing.

It will give you a warning before they appear. The damage they take will be equal to what level the closing ring is.

Heat Shield item

It looks like we’re going into long term changes that will become part of the game when the new season starts.

The heat shield is going to be introduced into the new takeover mode with so many different rings about a shield that will protect you from them is an excellent item to have.

Survival Inventory slot

It is also being added as a survival inventory slot to inventory. This will be used for the new Heat Shield and also the moveable respawns point, which means that we will get an extra slot for items, which will now have its own designated slot.

Bangalore Heirloom

We finally have another heirloom, one of the rarest items in the games. This time Bangalore has her own Heirloom. A very cool looking knife good luck on getting this one Bangalore Mains.

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