Swift’s 3 Most Hated Games #1: Unlimited Saga





We’re at the top of the Most Hated list with Square Enix’s 2002 release Unlimited Saga. When I saw this game at GameStop in 2003, it was being sold for $39.99 on the PlayStation 2. 

It’s a Square Enix game: I was going the buy it. Never put a ton of faith into your favorite developers, folks. If you didn’t learn it in 2003, then CD Projekt Red should’ve taught you that in 2020. 

Let’s dive into Unlimited Saga and see why it’s on my banned list. 

This Is One Square Enix Game That You NEED A Manual For 

You will come into this game thinking it’s just like other Square Enix RPGs only to find out “Oh, it’s different.” However, different doesn’t always mean good. 

There was just so much in this game that required an in-depth tutorial in addition to a manual. You can figure it out through trial and error but it is that rewarding to go through the trouble. 

While it does play like a regular 2000s JRPG on the PS2 at its core, it has that little something extra that lets you know that this is an entirely different kind of party and you will not be enjoying yourself. 

Well, you might if you’re a masochist who enjoys being frustrated. If that’s the case, I strongly recommend Unlimited Saga, Showdown: Legends of Wrestlingand Ecco the Dolphin. 


This was actually an innovative idea and if the always questionable LUCK stat found in many JRPGs actually factored into the roulette wheel, this might have been pretty dope. 

At least it would give you a reason to invest points into LUCK if the idea had caught on outside of Square Enix. Unfortunately, roulette was there to make a confusing game even when the mechanics were hard enough. 

It isn’t a troll RPG but it is the kind of game you would release if you didn’t handle player criticism of “Your games are too easy!” 

The Gameplay Mechanics in Unlimited Saga Were All Over the Place 

Unlimited Saga had some mechanics that worked very well because they were more traditional in nature. On the other hand, the mechanics that really drew the attention of the gaming press and players at the time just didn’t translate well in different markets. 

In Square Enix’s native country of Japan, these mechanics were viewed favorably. Meanwhile, in the West, the game had a mixed reaction.  

It actually depended on if you had the time to invest in learning gameplay mechanics that didn’t reward the effort enough. If the game is more difficult the rewards shouldn’t be mediocre. 

Some might say that the overall experience is the reward to which I would say that you’re probably a masochist and Showdown: Legends of Wrestling and Ecco the Dolphin will most likely get you percolating as well. 

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