Borderlands Movie Has Found Their Krieg.





Like we said last week, we don’t go long without getting some more information about the Borderlands movie. After a short time, we are already writing about a new addition.

It looks like they have cast another fan favourite. The crazy two bolts short Krieg. Not an easy guy to cast due to being built like a brick building and 8 feet tall.

It looks like they have found the man for the job with Florian Munteanu, who was part of Creed 2. Florian Munteanu did play as a very tough boxer in this movie, making the transaction a good one.

Although going from a boxer to a massive Psycho may be a slight change of pace. At the moment, the cast of Borderlands has been pretty solid, making us think that this choice is a good one.

Who else needs to be cast?

It seems like a lot of major players have been cast. The fact that we still don’t know what story they’re telling in the Borderlands movie.

If we look at the more popular game, Borderlands 2, it seems like Jack should be cast soon.

They are missing Zer0, the ninja type character, but that may be the only person that is missing.

It will be confirmed what story the movie will follow by their future casting, but at the moment, it’s looking like they’re taking inspiration from Borderlands 1.

How will this story play out?

The way the casting is going, it doesn’t look like they will cast many more people. At the moment, it is bulking up quickly with the cast.

It looks like we may get a kind of crew movie. We follow multiple stories rather than the single-player we pick.

This would show off what Borderlands as it’s meant to be played with four players playing at the same time.

If they go down this route, it could work out to be a very interesting take on the Borderlands story. My only hope is that it has a better ending than the first Borderlands.

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