Pokemon Has Finally Answered The Open World Question With Pokemon Legend: Arceus.





Pokemon games might have gone downhill for a while. There was a lot of criticism of Pokemon Sword and Shield for basically being outdated. This due to the graphic not being very up to scratch with other games.

Then, they copied the Lets Go games designs to make the Pokemon in Sword and Shield. This, with additional complaints, made us think that the Pokemon game may be limited but known with the recent announcement of Legend: Arceus.

So what is Pokemon Legend: Arceus?

In the latest Pokemon game, which is coming out in 2022, won’t have Pokemon battles of sorts. In Pokemon Legend Arceus, you are the first to visit a new region and instead go through gathering badgers. It’s your task to build up the first Pokedex of this region.

Then it looks like the last Pokemon could end up getting the Legendary Pokemon, Arceus. This will be done in an open world game where you explore the region to increase your Pokedex. The game is still a year off, so hopefully, we will get more information closer to 2022.

The similarities to Breath of Wild

There does seem like some similarities to another Nintendo Series that has gone through some massive changes. This being Zelda Breath of the Wild, what went from linear to open world.

It looks like Pokemon may have taken inspiration from that. If you look at both games’ graphics, Zelda may still look better, but the similarities in both gameplay and graphics do look there.

It could be that you’re able to go after the Legendary Pokemon at the start, but you would want to train your Pokemon to do that.

This would be very similar to how we could go after Calamity Ganon at the beginning of Breath of the Wild, but that has not been confirmed. It does look like the future of Pokemon games going forward.

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