Is Code 2040 Worth Its Free-To-Play Price Tag?





I’m cheap. Let’s just get that out right now. I’m a cheap person, so the free-to-play page on Steam is something I visit frequently. I’ve played a ton of games for free without spending a dime, and I love it.

This month, I was looking forward to a new title launching called Code 2040. It looked like something unique and different. It still may be, however, the reviews are coming in very mixed.

Code 2040 is a team-based multiplayer online shooter with three people per team. You must successfully find energy in the “Outside” and return safely to accomplish your mission.

Is Code 2040 Worth Its Free-To-Play Price Tag?

While it looks beautiful, seems to be very optimized and has some unique gameplay features, there’s still something missing. According to a lot of reviews, there just simply aren’t enough players.

It takes a long time to find a match, and when you finally do, you spawn too close to the other teams. This results in quick melee combat because no one had time to find weapons.

The concept is very intriguing and would be fun…. IF you can find a game.

Its not a bad game and it just came out but there is already hackers and people spamming links to virus websites asking for peoples private info and stuff

It seems like it’s a fun game when you can play. With it just released on February 1st, however, it may just need a few patches and cleanup to get up and running smoother. I would wait another month or two before downloading it. You may have more luck.

However, I would still keep an eye out. I’m still very interested in this title, I just think it needs a quick spit shine to polish it out.

What do you think? Does this look interesting to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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