FIFA 21 News: British Reality Star Added To EA Sports Game After Signing For Football League Club





Eagle-eyed FIFA 21 players would have noted a few players have been added to the EA Sports game over recent weeks. Many of those players have been added after the end of the winter transfer.

But, there is one player that has been added that would get more attention in the United Kingdom, as former reality star turned professional football has been added to the game after signing for a Football League team.

However, his rating on the game will not exactly make him a player that all players will be looking to add to their teams as soon as possible.

FIFA 21 News: Reality Star Turned Professional Player

It would typically be a huge moment for players when they are added to FIFA 21, but for Mark Wright, he may be hurt a little by the rating that he has been given in the game.

Wright announced back in December that he had signed for League Two side Crawley Town, and he went on to make his professional debut for the club just a few weeks later as they came up against Leeds United in the third round of the FA Cup.

Wright played in the final ten minutes of their famous cup win, and has played once more in the league for the club. However, his 100% record was ended in his second game, as Crawley suffered a 3-1 home defeat against Harrogate Town.

FIFA 21 News: Low Rating For Star

His FIFA 21 rating doesn’t make for good reading, as the former Only Way Is Essex star has been given the joint-lowest rating on the EA Sports game. The left-back has an overall rating of 47.

The 32-year-old was regarded as a good player by the footballing community before signing up for Crawley, which means that there would be surprise with how harsh the rating actually is.

His rating of 47 is joint lowest on the game with five other players, which includes Ben Hough of Oldham and Song Yue, who plays in China. He is also the lowest rated Crawley player, as the next lowest in young star Archie Davies, who is rated at 53.

Wright may not be a player that managers will be looking at in Career Mode either, as he is unlikely to reach a much higher rating in the game.

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