Call Of Duty Cold War Black Ops Season 2





It feels like there’s a new season of one of the top Battle Royale games every month. This month around, it looks like it’s going to be Warzone. With us now having a release for the next season, this being season 2 of the Cold War Warzone chapter. This is chapter 2 season 2 which is a lot easier to explain and say.

The whole new trailer shows the new release date. That is around 2 minutes long and gives us near to no information apart from the date of release, the 25th of February. There were some new guns and people that have appeared in this trailer. That will most likely appear in the next season.

What could be included?

It looks like we may have a new villain in this season with Naga, a badass Magnum wielding guy who looks to be out for blood. How this will change the map is currently unknown. The main focus was that he delivered a shipment of Nova 6, a chemical that has featured on Call of Duty Warzone.

A chemical used in Black Ops canon as a weapon of sorts. We are also getting some new guns and operators, which was evident as we get them every season. It looks like we will get more information soon.

More information coming

After this trailer, it looks like we will be getting a lot more information soon in another trailer. This one seems to be a cinematic trailer before the information trailer. That looks to be coming very soon. As of now, we have near to no information on what is coming next season. We will most likely get a roadmap picture as well.

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