Would PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Work On The PS4/PS5?



PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was a failed game. That tried to take the formula of Smash Bros and change all the characters to the iconic character of Sony. Although, the choice of the roster was ok. It could have been better, although that wasn’t really the problem with the game. It’s the actual gameplay with how it worked and the way you won each match that made the game bad. Although it even had a subtle good story behind it with the first icon character being the boss. That story alone shows that a lot of effort was put into the game but it was just the combat that made it fail. It kind of felt like they changed too much of a very good formula that Smash Bros mastered. 

Why would it work today?

It would hopefully learn from its mistakes. The biggest downfall of this game would be the gameplay. Its a weird thing but hopefully they would take more inspiration from Smash and make the gameplay simpler. With an easier and quicker way to win a match and completely rework the button system as it really didn’t feel smooth. It would also need to have a much bigger roster with more iconic characters PlayStation have created as well, maybe some crossovers. They could even somehow bring Sora into the series which would be a draw for sales as it was exclusive for a short time. 

What did work when released?

Even though there was a lot of problems in the game when it released way back in 2012. There were actually some decent ideas that if they made a second, could have been expanded. The first being that the main boss had a very interesting backstory and could have been expanded on if they made a sequel. The cross-arenas was also amazing, seeing God of War crossover with Uncharted and many other combinations were great. As well as some of the characters interacting with each other made it a great experience. Although this wasn’t enough to make this game enjoyable.

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