Sonic’s Second Film Is Coming To Us 



It has now been confirmed that there will be a sequel to the Sonic films. Sonic the Hedgehog did get mixed reviews from fans getting a 63 on Rotten Tomato’s score. Looking at how much the film did at the box office, it did pretty well at $306.8 million worldwide.

It’s a bit lower than the average in the world of films at $373.2 calculated by Stephen Follows. It did get some poor reviews by reviewers but looking at the box office gross it looks like it did do better than expected. 

Slight spoilers ahead for the first and second film. 

The next film may actually be set in the world of Sonic rather than the human world. We won’t go into details but this seems to be confirmed at the end of the first films. It looks like it will also include a fan favorite of the Sonic universe; Tails.

There is no word of Knuckles in the next film or any other character from the Sonic universe. We do hope to see them in future films. 

When will we be seeing the next films?

The second Sonic film has been revealed to be released on 4/8/22. It’s one of the films which stopped production due to Covid-19. There was no date of when it was meant to be released before the pandemic but it looks like we are in for a very long wait for this one.

We should also note that the last Sonic game in general was released way back in Sonic Forces so we could see a new Sonic game before the release of the film only time will tell.

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