FIFA 20: Three Untapped Potential Stars With Alarmingly Low Release Clauses In FIFA 20 Career Mode



There are a huge number of players in FIFA 20 that players are aware of, with huge stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba available. However, sometimes on Career Mode, these players can be too expensive to bring in, which means managers will need to look elsewhere to ensure they get the best possible value for money.

There are some stars available that still have a huge release clause, but all three of these stars will be attainable for managers that have a mid-range budget. However, managers could sign all three of these stars to improve their squads.

FIFA 20 Release Clauses: Rodrigo Fernandes

If managers are looking for a young star that can seamlessly develop while playing first-team football, then they shouldn’t look past Rodrigo Fernandes. The Portuguese starts off at a rating of 66, but increases massively over the next couple of years. He has a potential rating of 84, and players will be able to sign him up by activating his release clause of £3.2 million. Wages will also not be a problem as he is on £1,000 per week.

FIFA 20 Release Clause: Gustavo Assuncao

Another talented youngster that is sure to catch the eye of managers is Gustavo Assuncao. The 19-year-old has a beginning rating of 74, which means that he could seamlessly slot into teams that are in need of a defensive midfielder. Assuncao will jump to a rating of 86 after a couple of seasons, and managers will be able to acquire him from Famalicao for a fee of £20 million. It may seem like a sizeable chunk of a transfer budget, but there is no doubting the quality that the Brazilian has. His wages are also relatively low, with managers having to pay £10,000 per week.

FIFA 20 Release Clause: Matias Palacios

The pick of the young players that managers should be signing is Matias Palacios, who will be available for a fee of £2 million. There will be a huge chance to get profit on the attacking midfielder, as he has a potential rating of 85. Managers will be able to use the San Lorenzo man in the number ten position, and they will also be delighted that his wages will be minimal as he will be happy to sign for a new club for £600 per week.

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