Pokemon Sword And Shield: What Is Restricted Sparring & How Can Players Win More Battles



Pokemon Sword and Shield has added a new battle type format into the DLC, with the addition of restricted sparring. It is similar in a way to the Battle Tower at the end of the regular game, but with one pretty big difference. In the Restricted Sparring trainers can only have Pokemon of the same type in their party.

This may be pretty straightforward for players that have a huge number of powerful water Pokemon, but it would be much more challenging for players to have three strong Pokemon that are poison type. It will require a lot of skill to max out every level, which means there are a number of tips that trainers can follow in order to have the best chance of achieving success.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: Restricted Sparring Tips

There are a number of factors that trainers should take into consideration but one of the most important is that the health of Pokemon after one battle is taken into the next. That means that you should avoid losing a lot of damage in the early fights, as it could prove pivotal. Draining moves such as Giga Drain are an excellent option to finish off opponents, as it will help restore your Pokemon to a degree.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: Use Your Heal Breaks Carefully

While we say that you can’t heal your Pokemon in between, there are two separate opportunities to do just this. There are five rounds, which means using this heals at the right time is essential. It is also important to remember that there are five rounds, so don’t be using the heals after round one and two, as this will likely work out very badly in the long-term.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: Players Advantage

There is a huge advantage that comes with being the controller as you will be able to Dynamax, while your opponents cannot. That is a huge advantage, but choosing the optimal time to take advantage of this is the biggest question. Personally, the best time to take advantage would be right at the beginning of the encounter and inflict all the damage that you can before then finishing off the challenge with a normal Pokemon.

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